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Why is it required to sign in with a third party?
Why is it required to sign in with a third party?
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To sign up and log into Confirm, we require one of the third party services below.

We do this for two reasons:

  1. Authenticity. The Confirm platform is built on trust. It's critical that users are real people, and requiring a third party login helps ensure that. It makes it much harder for people to create accounts to "game" our platform.

  2. Security. The third party platforms we have chosen to work with have bank-level security requirements that help keep Confirm secure. Third party logins also protect you from account hijacking, as we do not store passwords.

What kind of information will I be sharing with Confirm?
We only request basic authentication information like name and email address. We don't ask for information about your contacts, your preferences, your photos, or anything else.

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