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How does Confirm assign Peer Reviewers?
How does Confirm assign Peer Reviewers?
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When it comes to giving and receiving peer reviews, it is important that the peer group is diverse, which may include people who might not be day-to-day colleagues. But fear not, the group that writes about you will still include people who know you well.

Our algorithm weights several factors, in this order, when assigning peer reviewers:

  • High priority peers who your manager requested for you

  • Colleagues who say you’re a key stakeholder of theirs (and vice versa)

  • Activities in common, with more weight on activities with fewer contributors

Nobody will be asked to write more than 5 reviews. A small percentage of people will have a waitlist of peers to review.

Should I decline a peer?

You don’t need to know someone’s work closely to give them a peer review. Even a small amount of feedback is better than declining to give any. You may be given someone else to review if you decline a peer, but this is very uncommon. If you do decline a peer, your peer will not be notified.

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