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Continuous Feedback and Recognition
Continuous Feedback and Recognition
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While formal Performance Cycles are important, they are defined moments where an employee and their manager look back to reflect on achievements and areas of opportunity. However, giving and receiving consistent, continuous feedback throughout the year is just as crucial, along with recognition.

Continuous feedback and recognition:

  • may look like giving and receiving praise or critique, help, or redirection in the moment.

  • Focuses on a specific piece of feedback with a recent example.

  • Allows for open dialogue, open feedback, and being open to recognition or improvement.

How to add Continuous Feedback or Recognition in Confirm

1) Click Add in the top navigation bar, then click "Add feedback or notes".

2) Select "Give recognition", "Give feedback, "Request feedback" or "Note to self" to log something you'd like to note for future performance cycles or conversations.

3) Enter the details and complete!

Where to view feedback you've sent or received

To see feedback that you've sent or received from another person, click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen, then click "My feedback"

This will take you to the "Feedback & notes" section of your profile.

Note: only you and your manager have access to this section of your profile.

On the left side of the screen, click "Received" to see feedback or recognition you've received. Alternatively, you can click "Sent" to view feedback or recognition you've previously sent to a colleague.

Slack Integration for Recognition

If your company has set up the Confirm/Slack integration, any recognition sent in Confirm will flow through to the designated slack channel. An example of this is below:

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