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How to create a Performance Cycle
How to create a Performance Cycle

Create and manage upcoming performance cycles or engagement surveys

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We understand the importance of being able to configure and preview performance cycles, upload or adjust participants, and update cycle contents on your own time. That's why, Confirm system administrators can configure just about any aspect of a performance cycle using our suit of admin tools .

Cycle administration: create, configure, edit, and preview performance cycles.

If you are a system administrator, you will see an Admin menu item in the left-hand navigation pane. Expand the menu and click on Cycle administration.

On this page, you will see a list of all past and draft performance cycles. From here, you can edit an existing cycle by clicking 'Edit cycle' or Preview a cycle by clicking 'Preview cycle', both under the ACTION column.

If you don't see an existing cycle, click the blue 'Create new cycle' button at the top right. Read on to learn how to configure the cycle.

Basics tab

Upon creating a new cycle, the first step will be filling out the information in the Basics tab.

Name: what should the cycle be called?

Performance period start/end date: These dates should cover the period of time participants should reflect upon. e.g. For Q1, the start date could be 1/1/2022, and the end date 3/31/2022.

Status: By default, the cycle will be unpublished. Updating it to Published will push the cycle live. It's important to be sure the rest of the cycle is configured prior to publishing.

Click 'Save and continue'.

Flow & timing tab: deep configuration of your cycle features and flow

Here is where the dates, contents and settings of the cycle will be configured. Toggle each phase on or off to include or exclude it, and dive deeper to customize each phase based on the options in each.

By the way, changes on this page will be auto-saved as you go. (yay!)

You + Your Network

This phase is on by default, as it includes the bread and butter of Confirm; ONA.

Start by updating the phase start and end dates, then configure other phase requirements.

In addition to ONA, this phase is where you can also add customized self-reflection questions, a section for participants to update their OKRs and/or accomplishments, along with peer review requests (although not recommended....ONA data gives us way more accurate feedback from the entire org!!)

Peer + Upward Feedback

Turn on this phase to include questions employees should answer about their manager or assigned peers.

This phase is also where you can customize engagement survey questions and decide whether responses will be anonymous or not.

NOTE: the dates for this phase may be the same as the You + Your Network phase, or it can run sequentially.

Your Team

This phase is for people manager's. Configure custom questions and rating scales for managers to answer about each of their direct reports.

NOTE: the dates for this phase cannot be the same as the you + Your Network or Peer + Upward Feedback phase. This phase MUST run after the previous two phases have closed.


If the Your Team phase is included, the calibration phase may also be included. During calibration, admins can access the Performance Dashboard and change manager reviews with comments indicating why it was changed. This phase is typically used by larger organizations, and only dates are required.

NOTE: This phase cannot begin until the Your Team phase has closed.


This should be the final phase in a cycle. During the conversations phase, managers can release reports to individuals showing any information they have visibility to based on the settings in the above phases.

Managers manually release reports from the Performance Dashboard for each person, ideally at the time they have a verbal conversation with a given direct report. After, direct reports will be asked to acknowledge the conversation and will have the opportunity to rate how valuable the feedback was and optionally provide comments which they can choose to share with their manager or keep them private so only their manager's manager and above and HRBPs can see it. These conversation feedback ratings and comments are available in the Performance Dashboard.

At the end of this phase, report can be auto-released on behalf of any managers who have not yet released their reports.

Cycle live previewing and editing

Preview the cycle in real time as you make updates by clicking the 'Preview cycle' button at the top right.

Example Preview:

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