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Managers - generate AI suggested responses for your reviews using ONA data.

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We know while managers really want to give their employees great feedback, it takes a lot of time to synthesize all of the information from performance data and write up a thoughtful, comprehensive, and useful review. Writing employee reviews can take hours, and managers may resort to giving cookie cutter responses to save time or not provide feedback at all!

Confirm has built an AI tool using GPT-4, which will give managers the ability to generate a draft review based on all of the information learned about the employee in the performance cycle. Think of it as a helpful jumping off point that makes writing these reviews far less daunting and time consuming.

How can I use this?

If your organization has this feature turned on, Managers will see Use AI Suggestion: NAME is... beneath the question "Why did you provide this rating?"

Confirm Administrators: please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to turn this feature on.

Is this intended to replace managers writing their own reviews?

Managers have unique and valuable perspective on the performance of their direct reports. With this feature, Confirm is simply summarizing the feedback provided by coworkers and managers, so managers can start from something. The intention is for managers to revise and add to this summary, as they see fit.

NOTE: It's important to note that the AI is simply summarizing the manager's rating for HR. It is not giving feedback to the employee, and the employee will never see the response to this question.

How does Confirm address potential bias in the AI?

Confirm uses the science of ONA (Organization Network Analysis) to measure performance and minimize bias in performance inputs. This larger sample size of performance inputs provided by ONA help ensure outputs are as devoid as bias as possible. We ensure that this AI only sees and uses the ONA and manager feedback as inputs to create summaries from, which prevents the AI from introducing bias.

To see a video walkthrough of this feature, click here!

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