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Understanding the New Performance Profile
Understanding the New Performance Profile

The new Performance Profile gives employees a holistic view of their performance, so you always know where you stand.

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The new Performance Profiles are designed to ensure that employees know exactly where they stand at work, how their progress compares to their colleagues, and specific actions they can take to improve and grow in their careers. The comprehensive performance report that Performance Profile provides also helps facilitate more meaningful performance conversations between employees and managers.

After any given performance cycle, your manager will release your performance report to you and you will receive a notification. If your organization is using the new Performance Profile feature, the following will apply. If not, check out a sample standard performance report you will receive.

Sample of the new Performance Profile report:

Key Enhancements of Performance Profile:

  1. Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) Integration:

    • ONA's scientific approach is crucial in eliminating biases commonly associated with traditional reviews. By analyzing the employee's broader network, including peers, direct reports, and not just their managers, the Performance Profile establishes a more comprehensive and fair evaluation system.

  2. Network-Driven Insights:

    • Performance Profile goes beyond conventional feedback mechanisms, offering insights from an employee's organizational network. It reflects the perceptions and recognitions of those who interact with the employee daily, painting a more accurate picture of their performance and impact.

      • The Network Recognition section of the report will give the employee a quick and clear idea of how their colleagues perceive and recognize them. Possible values are:

        • Impactful

        • Incredibly impactful

        • Influential

        • Super influential

        • Not recognized yet

  3. Comprehensive Performance Reports:

    • This feature compiles an exhaustive performance report, integrating network reviews, historical feedback, self-reflections, and recognitions. It allows employees to understand how they are perceived, their standing compared to peers, and paths to career advancement.

  4. Comparative Progress Analysis:

    • Employees can view their progress relative to their tenure and level expectations. Through insightful charts, they see where they stand in the distribution of network recognition and ratings, helping them align their performance with organizational expectations.

  5. In-Depth Network Recognition Breakdown:

    • The system provides a detailed analysis of which skills and behaviors are most appreciated within an employee’s network, including feedback from direct reports, fostering a transparent environment for self-improvement.

  6. Manager Mode for Enhanced Insight:

    • Managers are not left behind; the "manager mode" furnishes them with deeper insights into their team’s network feedback, facilitating more meaningful and productive performance discussions.

Advantages of Adopting Performance Profile:

  1. Bias Mitigation:

    • By relying on a broad network of feedback and ONA, Performance Profile substantially reduces the biases that often plague traditional performance evaluations.

  2. Empowerment and Transparency:

    • Employees are no longer passive participants in their reviews. They are provided with transparent data and actionable insights, empowering them to take charge of their career paths.

  3. Enhanced Productivity in Reviews:

    • With a clear breakdown of performance and network recognition, along with suggested actions, performance reviews transform from a mundane task to a constructive, strategic, and productive dialogue.

  4. Fostering Continuous Improvement:

    • Continuous feedback from a diverse network encourages employees to constantly improve and adapt, promoting a culture of excellence and growth.

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