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Setting up the Confirm<>Slack Integration
Setting up the Confirm<>Slack Integration
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Step 1: A slack administrator at your company needs to install Confirm's app on the company’s Slack Workspace using this link: ****

If needed, additional information on the process can be found in this support article:

Step 2: Send Confirm your Slack Team ID.

You can find your Team ID in the browser URL path by opening Slack in any browser. Open any web browser and log in to your Slack account. Next, go to your workspace main page and check the URL in the search bar at the top. The URL looks like this:[.]( The following numbers represent your team ID. Example below.

Even if we are not yet ready to link a recognition/thank you/kudos etc. slack channel to the Recognition feature in Confirm, the below step is required for set up.

NOTE: Nothing will post to the selected channel except an initial "Confirm app has been added to this channel..." message. Nothing will post to the channel until the Confirm team configures this piece on their side. i.e. no recognition added in Confirm would get posted to this channel by selecting it in the set up process.

Step 3: Send Confirm the Channel ID of the slack channel you'd like the recognition to post in. To find the Channel ID, click on the channel name and scroll to the bottom to grab it.

Please Note: the Channel must be public

Once all steps above are complete, Confirm will add the information to the configuration and the integration will be live! Specifically, when employees send public recognition to a colleague in Confirm, the recognition message will be posted in the channel specified.

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