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How does the Slack Integration with Confirm work?
How does the Slack Integration with Confirm work?
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The slack integration enables notifications to be sent from Confirm to Slack. See below for the different types of notifications, and how they are handled.

Performance Cycle Notifications

Any reminders sent out during a performance cycle correspond with the Notification schedule created in the Cycle's 'Notification' tab in Confirm. These notifications will get sent to individuals via the Confirm Slack App.

Phase open reminders will get sent to all eligible participants, and reminder notifications will only send to those who have not yet completed the phase.

Phase open:

Phase reminder:

Managers will also receive a notification when their direct reports complete a phase.

Lastly, when a manager releases someones performance report, they will receive a notification letting them know their report is ready.

Recognition Notifications

If we connect to your public recognition/thank you/shout outs channel, any recognition given in Confirm will display in this channel. It will tag the person who gave the recognition and the person(s) who receive the recognition. There will also be a CTA to direct folks to Confirm if they'd like to recognize someone else.

The person who received the recognition will also be separately notified via the Confirm slack App.

Feedback Notifications

If someone requests feedback via the confirm, the requestee will receive a notification in slack via the Confirm slack app.

If someone received feedback, they will also be notified via the Confirm slack app.

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