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Setting up your Microsoft Teams Integration with Confirm
Setting up your Microsoft Teams Integration with Confirm

This article will you walk you through how to set your Microsoft Teams integration with Confirm.

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For assistance with enabling cycle reminders, recognition, and feedback requests via MS Teams, please contact your Customer Success Manager who can provide detailed guidance and support tailored to your organization's needs.

Step 1

To get started, please have a Microsoft Azure tenant administrator at your company open your unique Azure installation URL. This URL will be provided to you by your Customer Success Manager, and will grant approval to the Confirm application.

Step 2

Once you've clicked on the link, please log in with your admin account, and accept the Permissions Screen (as seen in the screenshot below).

If successful, you will see the following screen:

Once you've successfully completed the above steps, please notify your Customer Success Manager so they can proceed with next steps on their end.

Step 3

Your Customer Success Manager will provide you with a Zipfile. Please provide this Zipfile to your MS Teams Administrator (if it is not you).

Instructions for The Zipfile

Please upload the Zipfile into Teams application management.

Once the above step is complete, please notify your Customer Success Manager.

The above steps will enable you to receive performance cycle notifications from Confirm. If you'd like to also set up the Confirm Recognition integration with your organizations dedicated recognition MS Teams Channel, please follow the steps below.

Integrating with your MS Teams Recognition Channel

Please provide your Customer Success Manager with your dedicated recognition MS Teams Channel URL. You will be able to find this by clicking on 'General' under your channel, and selecting 'Get link to channel.'

It will look similar to this:

Once your Customer Success Manager receives this link, they will be able to finalize configuration on the Confirm side.

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